Brooklyn DA Candidate Ama Dwimoh: ‘Delivering Justice To All’

With a stellar history of being a top-flight prosecutor of crimes committed against children, former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney, Ama Dwimoh, has her sights set on the bigger picture of how to run the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

Dwimoh is one of the many challengers to acting-Brooklyn D.A. Eric Gonzalez for the seat vacated last October following the untimely death of District Attorney Ken Thompson. She wants to fill a void in the Brooklyn criminal justice system she feels is hurting residents and creating a distrust for police and law enforcement.

Dwimoh is focused on the broken relationship between Brooklyn residents and law enforcement. She believes that in order to deliver equal and fair justice as a D.A., this relationship needs to be addressed and repaired.
“When I look at what’s going on in Brooklyn and what continues to go on in Brooklyn, it tells me that there’s a void. Whether they are adult systems or child systems, communities are hurting. There is a lack of trust that exist within the community and law enforcement and that’s a huge problem. Communities feel as if they’ve been betrayed. We can’t address the issues of crime unless we address the issues leading to crime,” said Dwimoh.

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